Children’s immunity

Enhancing the immunity of children

What better reinforces the child’s immunity – Royal jelly or Bee pitch, i.e. propolis? One child 6 years old, the other 2. Is there such an ointment, which can be oiled under the nose to prevent rhinitis?

Unambiguously, to strengthen the immune system better to use propolis preparations. In comparison with other biological analogues it does not grow an addiction. We produce Propolis capsules, which is easy to use. For adults two, children under the age of 8 one capsules per day. For younger children, if the issue of swallowing the capsule appears, the capsules should be dismantled into powder and then mixed with water or mixed into food. The preventive medicine from the rhinitis or catching a cold may be Propolis oil which should be lubricated just under the nose. It does not exhaust the mucous membrane of the nose, it facilitates the burden of rhinitis, and if taken on time, the cold does not even begin.

Royal jelly also has immunostimulatory qualities, but it is more helpful as a biostimulator that activates the biological processes in the human body. Used when you need to restore the body after illness or fatigue. It is recommended for children when the child is sluggish, does not eat, develops badly or needs recovery from the illness.