Gastric acidity

Gastric acidity

Is there bee pitch preparations which reduce stomach acidity. Maybe all of these symptoms can be relieved by the use of bee preparations? From canker sore, I can use Procalendas if understood correctly. Perhaps there is a possibility to consume more than one preparation?

The old way how to adjust gastric acidity and rebuild damaged gastric mucosa – aqueous honey solution.

In case of increased acidity of gastric juice, dissolve 1 tablespoon of honey in a warm (40-50oC) boiling water. Drink the solution rapidly 1,5 – 2val before meals. Continue this course from 3-4 weeks up to two months. Then take a week break and repeat the course.

This partial preventive – curative remedy. An essential problem is to determine the cause of the ailment.

One of the measures to restore the diseased metabolism is the usage of the natural complex containing all necessary human beings bioactive natural materials – pollen or bee pollen. Since pollen is a hardly digestible product, we recommend that you perform the initial digestion in your mouth for as long as possible – keep it in the mouth until fully dissolved. For more efficient absorption of bioactive components through the mucous membrane, as well as due to the negative sensation of the heavy digestive product of the stomach. Such recommendations for the bee bread consumption also applies, but it is true that it is much easier to digest. More on our website.

Recommend literature: A.Gendrolis “‘MEDUS žmogaus sveikata”, A.Baltuškevičius“ Bičių produktai žmonių sveikatai ”