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Royal jelly for children

biciu pienelis vaikams

Royal jelly for children For children 2 and 4 years old to become increasingly more resistant to diseases, I intend to give royal jelly. I have purchased APILAKAS MDF (10 mg) and APILAKAS 70 mg. Do I understand correctly that one tablet of royal jelly contains 70 mg and MDF only 10mg? If so, what […]

What means MDF marking?

What is MDF marking? I would like to know more about the MDF. For example. Liquid extract Propolio MDF. MDF – the company’s name abbreviation MeDicata Filia. By this marking we highlight our products from other manufacturers with similar titles. In the specific case, a couple of years ago – propolis liquid extract was produced […]

What can use diabetic?

Bièiø duonelë su propoliu ir medumi 140 g

What can diabetics use? Can diabetics use BEE BREAD WITH PROPOLIS AND HONEY? BEE BREAD – a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Bee bread is recommended for people with anemia, hepatitis, diabetes, digestive tract, especially intestines (enzymatic colitis, enterocolitis, chronic constipation) diseases. Recent studies have shown that bees’ bread for older persons suffering from […]

Gastric acidity


Gastric acidity Is there bee pitch preparations which reduce stomach acidity. Maybe all of these symptoms can be relieved by the use of bee preparations? From canker sore, I can use Procalendas if understood correctly. Perhaps there is a possibility to consume more than one preparation? The old way how to adjust gastric acidity and […]

Children’s immunity


Enhancing the immunity of children What better reinforces the child’s immunity – Royal jelly or Bee pitch, i.e. propolis? One child 6 years old, the other 2. Is there such an ointment, which can be oiled under the nose to prevent rhinitis? Unambiguously, to strengthen the immune system better to use propolis preparations. In comparison […]

Child, dry skin

sausa oda

Child’s dry skin 6 years old, with very dry body skin, even in the summertime, what would you recommend to use from your production to prevent skin dehydration. A great tool for dry skin is Propolis-marigold ointment. It is suitable for both young and old. In the summer used that the sun would not damage […]

pre-natal immune system

niescia moteris

Pregnant women immune system Pregnant (5 months). Could you recommend anything from your product to strengthen the immune system that could be used during pregnancy? In your case, we would recommend bee pitch (propolis). Bee pitch has antibacterial, antiviral, immunomodulatory properties, what would be the case for you and the same prophylactic dosages will not […]