What can use diabetic?

What can diabetics use?

Can diabetics use BEE BREAD WITH


BEE BREAD – a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Bee bread is recommended for people with anemia, hepatitis, diabetes, digestive tract, especially intestines (enzymatic colitis, enterocolitis, chronic constipation) diseases.

Recent studies have shown that bees’ bread for older persons suffering from diabetes, not only lowered their cholesterol levels but also has strengthened these patients immune system.

Honey is predominantly carbohydrate. Most of them are glucose and fructose. Also contains sucrose and slightly different type of sugar. As a result, patients with diabetes should use a moderate amount of honey and firstly should consult with their doctor. Using BEE BREAD WITH PROPOLIS AND HONEY it is recommended to take one teaspoon twice a day. Patients with diabetes should be aware of the amount of honey contained in the product.