The Bee Products in oncology


The consumption of bee products for preservation and strengthening of health in Lithuania certainly does not decrease. It is a pleasure that the efforts of our apitherapists, as well as all those who are sympathetic, bring results. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, we have received an invitation to the National Cancer Institute‘s oncourology department, to tell about bee products it was accepted both as a great responsibility and as an assessment of all our efforts.

On 28 January oncourology specialists qualification event dr habil. D. Stasytytė-Bunevičienė made a brief but concentrated report on the seven main bees’ products, their products consumption in oncology and the research done in this area. PLLC Medicata Filia Director S. Vasiliauskas introduced unique products made from bee products in this company, according to international GMP standards. The information provided to oncologists and nurses responsible for general nursing services was new, useful and interesting for them. Expected next meeting – a major event for  cancer‘s institute nurses on specific and non-specific main bee products – honey, propolis, bee carried pollen, bee bread, royal jelly and wax impacts and their application in the oncological treatment of patients, health promotion and nursing. Such meeting is the first serious step, after which we can expect to see a viable and further cooperation.
S. Vasiliauskas